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UPDATED 21 May 2015: Welcome!

The TRDL R3 Weekly Jam here on dA is a spin-off from Third Rail Design Lab's R3 Forum and

The particulars:
- The jams are announced each Sunday, usually, barring schedule issues
- There are Character or Theme Jams
- Subjects are completely open to artist interpretation: do a drawing from canon, or redesign at will!
- All jams REMAIN OPEN INDEFINITELY; you can populate older jams with new work at any time.
- You can submit 3 character or theme subjects to me by email, PM, etc and the suggestions will go in the pot.

The Process:
You can either submit your art to your own gallery and then add it to our group from there, or submit directly to :icontrdl-r3-weeklyjam: but go ahead and just drop the art into the Featured folder. I'll copy it into the Weekly Jam folder in question for you. I will leave a copy in Featured for about a month, and then replenish. SO the art will always be in a Weekly Jam folder, and will be in Featured for the first month, more or less.

And don't forget to offer jam character or theme requests, either to me privately here on DA or on the R3 Forum:

NEW: A spreadsheet of all R3 Challenge threads to date can be found here:
Look for the character you want to add and you may find an existing challenge to use...

Gallery Folders

Captain Marvel by TheCosmicBeholder
Namorita by TheCosmicBeholder
Pinataur for Character Design Challenge! by bepydaniele
Black 02: The Chess King! by bepydaniele
TRDL Universe Fanart
TRDL Lyge by ArtDewd
GladiatrixC2 by TULIO19mx
TRDL OC fan art swap by wolfprime
TRDLGilaC1 by TULIO19mx
Archived Jams
DSC Great Machine by TULIO19mx
DSC Dan Dare by TULIO19mx
0428 by nosoart
0427 by nosoart
2016 23 Deathstroke
R3RoseWilsonRavager by TULIO19mx
R3Deathstroke by TULIO19mx
R3Slade by TULIO19mx
2016 22 Cassandra Cain
Cassandra Cain, Battered, Weary, but Unbeaten by multificionado
Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) by pmsuyom
Black Bat by Psuede
Cassandra Cain by DianaCota
2016 21 Change One Thing
Trdl1617 Raven Teen Titans Redesign by TRDLcomics
R3ChangeOneThing by TULIO19mx
Scarlet Witch by TheCosmicBeholder
2016 20 Teen Titans
The Teen titans  by GregoryKrazed
BBRae by MayandBella
|Starfire| by TheDrawingBeeb
|Raven| by TheDrawingBeeb
2016 19 Nation-Shifted Supers
TRDL 2016 Series 19 New Superman and Wonder Woman by TRDLcomics
Trdl1609 Redsonz by TRDLcomics
R3NewSuper-Man by TULIO19mx
R3WonderWomanChinese by TULIO19mx
2016 18 Gender-Swapped Supers
Trdl1618 Hawkeye Redesign by TRDLcomics
CAPTAIN AMERICA stella rogers by BLUEHAWK-55
GenderBender by rahjamirage
Magneta: Mistress of Magnetism by CapnFlynn
2016 17 Psylocke
Phylocke by zookeeper02
Psylocke by Goassmer
Psylocke by Fandias
Psylocke MUA2 alternate costume by nightshade77
2016 16 MJ in Costume
TRDL 2016 Series 14 - MJ Watson as Captain America by TRDLcomics
Mary Jane Watson Punisher by Tom kelly by TomKellyART
PowerMJ by TULIO19mx
Mary Jane by TULIO19mx
2016 15 X-men Apocalypse
Quicksilver -Avengers by Sandy-reaper
Magneto by Sandy-reaper
Charles Xavier X-Men Apocalypse by Sandy-reaper
Storm X-Men Apocalypse by Sandy-reaper
2016 14 HYDRA Cap
R3captainHydra by TULIO19mx
211 by SithLordDeneray
L.A by Reddemonspy
2016 13 Preacher
Test Dominic Cooper Preacher by KuroStars
Preacher by Minuya
Jessie Custer Sketchcard by sequentialartist
Preacher by TotagamiBenichi
2016 12 Spider-Man MCU
Spiderman Homecoming by oswaldojimenez11
Spider meets Ant by xxiiCoko
Tiny Pete by xxiiCoko
Spidey by kanapy-art
2016 11 Daredevil S02
Daredevil Redesign by ProjectCornDog
A Shared History by BigChrisGallery
Daredevil by AsfandE7
Daredevil and Punisher by e-guerrero
2016 10 Wonder Woman Batman V Superman
Wonder Woman by pencilHeadno7
Wonder Woman and Captain Janeway by AdamWithers
Wonder Woman Art New 2016 by Rafaschneider2016art
2016 09 Batman B v S
BvS Batman Color by 800PoundProductions
Batfleck by phil-cho
Do you bleed? by terry312237
Batman vs superman by Kid-Destructo
2016 08 Superman B v S
Superman vs Batman by Kid-Destructo
Trinity Selfie by Fandias
Lois and Superman by Fandias
Man of Steel by Fandias
2016 07 Cthulhu
Death Metal Cthulhu by ahannibalbarca
Cthulhu by Pagie321
TEST #6: Snillar! by bepydaniele
Cthulhu by hikano
2016 06 Ash
Ash vs Evil Dead by rsienicki
Ash vs Evil Dead by RyeGuyZombie
Ash vs Evil Dead by FedericoGardin
Brothers in Arms by GraphicGeek
2016 06 Deadpool
Deadpool by ADMDArt
07012016 Canadaday by guinnessyde
Negasonic Teenage Warhead by pungang
Truly Evil Deadpool by ProjectCornDog
2016 05 Luke Cage
luke cage #1 by m7781
Powerman and Iron Fist variant cover by Devilpig
$weet Christma$ by wolfprime
2016 04 Kylo Ren
''This Lightsaber Belongs To Me'' by geosis093
Darth Vader Has Returned by Sheridan-J
-KYLO REN- by Sheridan-J
Vader's Legacy by cyfox929
2016 03 Finn
John Boyega by PowermadMistress
Finn by MonsterIslandStudios
Poe And Finn by calslayton
Adventures on stars - Rey and Finn by DragonsTrace
2016 02 Rey
''This Lightsaber Belongs To Me'' by geosis093
Rey-a-Day 27 - Lil' Rey by michaelfirman
Rey-a-Day 32 by michaelfirman
May the 4th by mcguan
2016 01 Poe Damaron
First Order Poe by Brilcrist
The best fricken pilot in the galaxy by 800PoundProductions
Star Wars Time - Poe Dameron by DragonsTrace
Poe And Finn by calslayton
2015 38 Holidays
12302015 harley NY2016 by guinnessyde
Lego Marvel Avengers Christmas by DanVeesenmeyer
Tree Hugger by bphudson
HAPPY HOLIDAYS by thefreshdoodle
2015 37 Star Wars
Jyn Erso! by geosis093
Padme by EddieHolly
Ahsoka Tano by SilverSkittle
Sketchcard: Ahsoka Tano 2 by Everwho
2015 36 Vlad Fiks Noir Jam
DSCRobin by TULIO19mx
Trdl1429 Vlad2014bwz by TRDLcomics
I Shot My Killer by DeeplyDapper

Mature Content

2013-12-16 Noir by Gnabbist
2015 35 Jessica Jones
Alias: Jessica Jones by Goassmer
Jessica Jones by pungang
Daily Sketches Jessica Jones by fedde
Jessica Jones by jonathanserrot
ReyBB8 by TULIO19mx
DrawWars03 by TULIO19mx
DrawWars02 by TULIO19mx
Drawwars01 by TULIO19mx
2015 34 Cosplay Homage
Trdl1525 Sgbombshell1z by TRDLcomics
R3CosplayC by TULIO19mx
R3Cosplay2C by TULIO19mx
2013 33 SHIELD
Mockingbird, have you heard? by Rvalenzuela80
Agent Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird by JGiampietro
Shield hydra's shadow by Artist Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
DSCTheContessa by TULIO19mx
2015 32 - TV SUper Design
R3RedesignCostume by TULIO19mx
2015 31 - Halloween
Trdl1523 Pottshalloweenz by TRDLcomics
We Belong DEAD!! by TBolt66
R3Halloween2015C by TULIO19mx
10292015 Drawlloween29 Scarecrow by guinnessyde
2015 30 - Power Man Iron Fist
Trdl1615 Iron Fist by TRDLcomics
Inktober - Day 07/31 by GaboMelo
Power Man and Iron Fist by AWRowland
Power Man Iron Fist inked by MentalPablum
2015 29 - Hellboy
Hellboy by Paul-Moore
Hellboy by Paul-Moore
Third Rail Design Hellboy by timthecat
Hellboyyyyyy by Paul-Moore
2015 28 - Shazam Legacy
Trdl1602 Marymarvelz by TRDLcomics
Captain Marvel by Dharmajon
SHAZAM! by tyrannus
Captain Marvel (DC Comics) by north-green
2015 27 - Iron Man Mark 0
Sketch71193135-1 by TULIO19mx
2015 26 Magik
X-men: Magik (colour) by north-green
Third Rail Design Magic by timthecat
Magik by Paul-Moore
Magik by makoshark04
2015 25 Domino
DSCDomino by TULIO19mx
TRDL 2016 Series No 11 Domino by TRDLcomics
Domino by nightshade77
Domino by SDMcCarty
2015 24 Ant-Man
Third Rail Design Ant Man by timthecat
Antman by Burningslide
FF Ant-Man by Cosmic Beholder by TheCosmicBeholder
Ant-Man! by dan-duncan
2015 23 Iron Man XLV
Iron Man - Avengers 2: Age of Ultron by Rahizm
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Iron Man 2 by damianzielinski
Iron Man Mark 43 Vs Ultron's Army by PsPuNkS
Iron Man by LordJohn
2015 22 X-Men Redesign
Wolverine Redesign by payno0
Storm by GavinMichelli
DSC Dazzler by TULIO19mx
Xmen-Punk by yureisan
2015 21 Animated Films
Moana by giadina96
Beauty and the Beast by north-green
Scooby - Anime by yureisan
...when Ariel met Bruce by yureisan
2015 20 80s Storm
Storm by Forty-Fathoms
Storm - XMEN Apocalypse by JamieFayX
Storm by Candra

Mature Content

Storm for the 2012 E.E.P. by jaythemagicdragon
2015 19 Redesigners Fan Art
Spider-Man Redesign by ProjectCornDog
DejaVuC1 by TULIO19mx
R3MegaGirlC1 by TULIO19mx
R3Mega GirlC1 by TULIO19mx
2015 18 Vision MCU
Mjolnir! by pencilHeadno7
Vision by johanirae
the Vision by Andres-Iles
2015 17 Imperator Furiosa
Furiosa by Paul-Moore
Furiosa by AlexGarner
Imperator Furiosa again by Paul-Moore
Imperator Furiosa by Paul-Moore
2015 16 MCU Scarlet Witch
Wanda Maximoff by Sandy-reaper
Scarlet Witch Portrait by TiNyThanhTruc
Scarlet Witch by oswaldojimenez11
Scarlet Witch by JGiampietro
2015 15 SS Harley
Harley and Joker - Suicide Squad by Hasen382
Harley Quinn by Liang-Xing
Harley Quinn by Candra
Lucky You - Harley Quinn by EddieHolly
2015 14 Brown
Wolverine, Clayface: Brown Brawl by SpookTheHerd
R3BrownC2 by TULIO19mx
DarkstalkersIC1 by TULIO19mx
Trdl15 Terrap by TRDLcomics
2015 13 Blue
Women's day by Fufunha
Avengers by TheCosmicBeholder
Mockingbird classic by TheCosmicBeholder
Captain America by oswaldojimenez11
2015 12 Green
Merman - flying fish for CDC by bepydaniele

Mature Content

R3GreenC1 by TULIO19mx
Rogue by mcguan
SheHulk by bphudson
2015 11 Purple
women's day by Fufunha
I don't fear the King by FrancescoCammardella
X-Men: Nightcrawler by north-green
Jinx by Lushies-Art
2015 10 Red
1980s Iron-Man by TheCosmicBeholder
Assembling Avengers by TheCosmicBeholder
Spider-Man by oswaldojimenez11
The Invincible Mary Jane Watson by TheCosmicBeholder
2015 09 Yellow
Beastman by bphudson
Trdl1603 Hellcatz by TRDLcomics
Vixen Bombshell by artist Tom kelly by TomKellyART
First light by Jonny5Alves
2015 08 White
MARVL PWR - Storm by howwz
TRDL - Lucky White Heather by TRDLcomics
Lucky White Heather by payno0
AnimeGirlC1 by TULIO19mx
2015 07 Supergirl
Supergirl by daekazu
R3Supergirl2015 by TULIO19mx
DC The New 52 Supergirl by Darkness1999th
Supergirl Markers by Bleagh
2015 06 COBRA 2015
TRDL 2015 Series No 12  Baroness Blue Version by TRDLcomics
Crimson Guard re-design digital by jeroenbrugman
TRDL 2015 Series No 13 Pythona by TRDLcomics
Dollz 32 by TULIO19mx
2015 05 Martial Arts
TRDL 2015 Series No. 11 Shang Chi by TRDLcomics
KorraC1 by TULIO19mx
DSC King by TULIO19mx
WSCJimKelly by TULIO19mx
2015 04 Ultron
Ultron by Debarsy
Iron Man and Ultron Unlimited by blueJG
TRDL 2015 Series, No. 06 - Ultron [TRDL Redesign] by TRDLcomics
R3Ultron by TULIO19mx
2015 03 Nightwing
Nightwing by forestBook
Grayson - Nightwing Variant by JGiampietro
Nightwing  - Colored with Mask by JGiampietro
Grayson by JGiampietro
2015 02 Agent Carter
Agent Carter by aureliebm
Agent Peggy Carter by PDJ004
TRDL 2015 Series No. 4 - Agent Peggy Carter by TRDLcomics
R3 Art Challenge - Agent Carter 1 by makoshark04
2015 01 Slave Leia
Leia by bphudson
A couple of recent Star Wars Covers by MichaelDooney
Princess Leia Sketch Cover 001 by C21
Beastur and Slave StarJill by C21
2014 43 Holidays
Terry Tornado wishes a Happy 4th of July by TheCosmicBeholder
Halloween Witches by TheCosmicBeholder
MixtlisNewYear by TULIO19mx
Trdl1501 Hnyz by TRDLcomics
2014 43 Spider Woman New
Spider-Woman in Color by Supajoe
Spider-Woman by JeyraBlue
Spider Wimmens! by Lightengale
Canyoneering Spider Gwen by minihumanoid
2014 42 KGBeast
KGBeast redesign by thesometimers
R3KGBeast by TULIO19mx
2014 41 Vlad Fiks Jam
Trdl1429 Vlad2014bwz by TRDLcomics
2014 40 Mockingbird
Bobbi and Friends by TheCosmicBeholder
Mockingbird by TheCosmicBeholder
TRDL 2014 Series, No. 27 - Mockingbird by TRDLcomics
Mockingbird by mcguan
2014 39 Female Thor
Female Thor Watercolor by SDMcCarty
Trdl1425 Thorfemz by TRDLcomics
Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.39.24 PM by TRDLcomics
Dsc Lady Thor by videsh
2014 38 Spider-Gwen
Spider-Gwen by Ganassa
Spidergwen by sadiek
Gwenning. by chriscopeland
Spider-Gwen by fra-gai
2014 37 Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl and Iron Man by pungang
Squirrel Girl 03 by theEyZmaster
Trdl1423 Squirrelgirlz by TRDLcomics
R3SquirrelGirl (2)C1 by TULIO19mx
2014 36 Star Trek
Trdli1419 Stredesignz by TRDLcomics
DSCUhura by TULIO19mx
Lt. Uhura by TULIO19mx
Leo by TULIO19mx
2014 34 Power Girl
[TEEN TITANS #13] Cover art by Ricken-Art
TRDL2015 - Fortitude Gal [Power Girl Redesign] by TRDLcomics
NewPowergirlC1 by TULIO19mx
Powergirl Redesign! by Comicbookguy54321
2014 32 Star-Lord
Star-Lord by Lucas246
Star-Lord by Lapis-Razuri
Star Lord by Riccardo-Fasoli
Star Lord by ZachSmithson
2014 31 Groot
Baby Groot by PDJ004
Groot by Burningslide
I am Groot by DeeplyDapper
DSCGroot by TULIO19mx
2014 30 Rocket Raccoon
Rocket by Burningslide
Rocket Raccoon Green Lantern by thesometimers
RocketRaccoonRocket Raccoon by bphudson
The Guardians Of The Galaxy Drive-In by DeeplyDapper
2014 29 Sharon Carter
Sharon Carter Inks by SDMcCarty
Trdli1417 Sharoncarter109bz by TRDLcomics
Capitan America by TULIO19mx
Sharon Carter by TULIO19mx
2014 28 Superior Iron Man
Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.39.59 PM by TRDLcomics
R3SuperiorIronManNTNC by TULIO19mx
2014 27 batgirl new
Project Rooftop: Batgirl Begins Again by e-carpenter
Cam Stewart Batgirl by e-carpenter
Art trade gadget Batgirl by e-carpenter
Batgirl by AlyssaTallent
2014 26 DRAX
Drax the Destroyer by TheCosmicBeholder
R3Drax by TULIO19mx
D For Drax by blacksmith7
2014 25 Malekith
R3Malekith by TULIO19mx
2014 24 dinsey princesses zombie ok
EEPBelleC1 by TULIO19mx
2014 22 Red Lanterns
Jayna Red Lantern by JAYNE-HZ
Trdli1414 Redlanternjayna107z by TRDLcomics
Dex-Starr by payno0
R3Dex-Starr by TULIO19mx
2014 21 Gojira Foe Design
Godzillian Turtle Monster by SpookTheHerd

Mature Content

TITSUO! by DeeplyDapper
Kaiju by blacksmith7
2014 20 Gamora

Mature Content

EE-Gamorra by jaythemagicdragon
Gamora calls out the team by e-carpenter
Gamora by bphudson
Classic Gamora by TheCosmicBeholder
2014 19 Marvel Magic Users
DSC Scarlet Witch by TULIO19mx
DSCClea by TULIO19mx
2014 18 Batgirl Redesign
Trdl1430 Bat-girlrz by TRDLcomics
Batgirl3C1 by TULIO19mx
R3Batgirl by TULIO19mx
Batgirl4C1 by TULIO19mx
2014 16 anthro
TRDL - Edgar Allan Poe by TRDLcomics
Claire at the ball by SuncatStudio
Coconut Story by SuncatStudio
Sketch17416730 by TULIO19mx
2014 15 Captain America Film
Captain America and Bucky in W.W. II by ArteDigitalSA
Cap by jasoncm
R3 Cap America by TULIO19mx
POW by captainclark
2014 14 Miss America Chavez
Retro Heroes: Miss America by avidcartoonfans
Miss America by TheCosmicBeholder
19 by yesterdays-luminary
Miss America Chavez by tsbranch
2014 12 Malificent
R3Maleficent by TULIO19mx
20140309  Maleficent by Ana-Archer
2014 13 Moon Knight
Trdli1409 Moonknightrz by TRDLcomics
R3Moonknight by TULIO19mx
Moon Knight Classic by TomKellyART
2014 10 BtaS
TRT - Lady Deathstrike by TRDLcomics
1rdli14 Catanim by TRDLcomics
R3BatmanCatwoman by TULIO19mx
R3PoisonIvy by TULIO19mx
2014 Scarlet Witch Redesign
Scarlet Witch - Colored by JGiampietro
Scarlet Witch Costume Update by e-carpenter
Scarlet Witch redesign by SpookTheHerd
Trdli1407 Scarletwitchz by TRDLcomics
2014 New Beetle
New Beetle from Superior Foes of Spider-Man by TheCosmicBeholder
Trdli14beetlenewsk by TRDLcomics
NewBeetle by jasoncm
Marvel: Girl Beetle (No Suit) Colored Sketch by SneakyLizard
2014 07 Invaders
TRDL Classic Marvel Spitfire by TRDLcomics
TRDL Marvel Spitfire New WIP Sketch by TRDLcomics
SPITFIRE by Arkelight
R3Invaders1C by TULIO19mx
2014 06 Spider-Slayers
TRDL Spider-Slayer Redesign WIP by TRDLcomics
R3SpiderSlayer by TULIO19mx
2014 05 Tentacles
Tentacle by SDMcCarty

Mature Content

Tentacle Love by C21

Mature Content

Lovely Tentacle by C21
Bride of Chthulhu by C21
2014 03 Chun-Li
chun Li blues by artist Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
hayahh princess by Masked-Scaramouche
R3ChunLeia by TULIO19mx
R3ChunLi by TULIO19mx
2014 02 All New Ms Marvel
01072016 Msmarvel Spidey by guinnessyde
Kamala Khan by gin-1994
the new ms marvel by Arkelight
DSC Ms. Marvel Big Head by DarkKnightJRK
2014 01 NYE
Trdli1401 Jeangreyhrz by TRDLcomics

Mature Content

AllDressedUp by C21
R3NewYearC1 by TULIO19mx
Happy New Year by Ana-Archer
2013 46 Dr Strange
Doctor Strange redux by e-carpenter
Genie Strange by SpookTheHerd
Doctor Strange redesign by jeroenbrugman
Dr Strange WIP by DeeplyDapper
2013 45 Alternate Phoenix Five
Trdl1428 Psylockep5z by TRDLcomics
R3Phoenix5 by TULIO19mx
2013 44 Vlad Fiks Jam
I Shot My Killer by DeeplyDapper

Mature Content

2013-12-16 Noir by Gnabbist
Legacy by jasoncm
2013 42 COBRA
Cobra Commander by C21
Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Baroness sketch card by C21
Pythona by C21
Zarana by C21
2013 41 X-statix
Trdli1337 Doop by TRDLcomics
Lacuna by TULIO19mx
R3XStatix by TULIO19mx
2013 40 Characters as Kids
Mama and Baby Spider by Kyokaiba
Cobra Commander and Serpentor Kids by C21
Dreadnoks Kids by C21
Young Princess Diana by YmerOren
2013 39 Halloween
Frankenstein by C21
Elvira by C21
the Mummy by C21
Tide Mummy by C21
2013 38 Preferred Ultimates Designs
Ultimate Iron Man by johnnymorrow
Trdli1349 Ultimate Iron Man by TRDLcomics
Captain Britain by jasoncm
Good ol Cap! by KingCorvid
Inktober tree by C21
#inktober Reaper by C21
#inktober pumpkin by C21
#inktober jack o'lantern by C21
2013 37 LoSH
Trdli1350 Phantomgirl100z by TRDLcomics
Shrinking Violet Jf by Thumbfunk
ProjectraC1 by TULIO19mx
Shadow Lass by DarrenTaylor
2013 36 First Appearance
Silk by ADL-art
Trdli1351 Starlordz by TRDLcomics
R3UltimateWhiteTigerC1 by TULIO19mx
Captain Britain by jasoncm
2013 35 Avengers Redesign
Trdl15 Hulkbusterredesignp by TRDLcomics
Scarlet Witch Redesign by SpookTheHerd
Avengers new duds by KingCorvid
Vision Redesign Jf by Thumbfunk
2013 34 Mega Girl
Trdli1345 Megagirl Wr9z by TRDLcomics
Trdl Megagirl Roughs by TRDLcomics
MegaGirl by ArtDewd
Strong Female Protagonist's Mega-Girl by SDMcCarty
2013 33 Number Three
2013-10-30: 3 by Gnabbist
Trdli1348 Rocket Red Redesign by TRDLcomics
3-Eyes Gillter by SDMcCarty
TrinityC1 by TULIO19mx
2013 32 Venom
Venom by johnnymorrow
Trdli1344 Venoma by TRDLcomics
AntiVenom vs Venom by TULIO19mx
DSC Agent Venom by TULIO19mx
2013 31 Darkseid
MyDCU: Darkseid by BSDigitalQ
Darkseid (Classic) by BSDigitalQ
Trdli1346 Darkseidz by TRDLcomics
Darkseid by payno0
2013 30 Batman Beyond
Batman beyond by KingCorvid
Batman Beyond by nathanobrien
R3trdl Bbeyond13 Sk by TRDLcomics
2013 29 Winter Soldier
Jaime Lannister vs Winter Soldier by AdamWithers
The Winter Soldier by PDJ004
Communist Guyliner by Asenath23
Trdli1343 Wintersoldierz by TRDLcomics
2013 28 Silver Samurai
R3trdl Silsam13 Sk by TRDLcomics
DSCSilverSamurai by TULIO19mx
silver cut by Masked-Scaramouche
2013 27 Fall From Grace
Trdli1342 Darkphoenixz by TRDLcomics
R3CyclopsNowC1 by TULIO19mx
DSC Mary Marvel by TULIO19mx
2013 26 Vision
Vision by jasoncm
The Vision Redesign by payno0
2013 25 Lois Lane
DSCLoisLane by TULIO19mx
WSCSupermansGal by TULIO19mx
Retro Lois Lane by Des Taylor by DESPOP
2013 24 firestar
Trdli1340 Firestar99z by TRDLcomics
firestar by Elias-Chatzoudis
Firestar by johnnymorrow
trdl Firestar sk by TRDLcomics
2013 23 Film Supers
Trdli1341 Mk3filmz by TRDLcomics
The Ghost Who Walks by jasoncm
Hulk by jasoncm
Superman 2: The Quest for an Outfit That Works by ShaunONeil
2013 22 Wolverine Film
R3ViperC1 by TULIO19mx
The best there is at what they do by KingCorvid
Trdli1339 Viperfilm98z by TRDLcomics
2013 21 Ghostbusters
1 by KingCorvid
Trdli1337 Doop by TRDLcomics
DSCGhostbustersJanine by TULIO19mx
2013 20 Doop
Doop by TheCosmicBeholder
Dollz 99 by TULIO19mx
Trdli1337 Doop by TRDLcomics
R3Doop by TULIO19mx
2013 19 Asgardians
Sif by C21
Trdli1338 Sifz by TRDLcomics
Modi by captainclark
Asgardians by TULIO19mx
2013 17 Pink and Purple
Psylocke by Protokitty
Lucy Collett as Mystique, Raven Darkholme by bphudson
TRDL 2013 Series- Batman [Pink Gloves Version] by TRDLcomics
Huntress by mcguan
2013 16 Penguin
1 by KingCorvid
Trdli1335 Penguin by TRDLcomics
TRDL 2013 Series, No. 33 - King Penguin by TRDLcomics
R3Penguin by TULIO19mx
2015 15 Harley Quinn
Trdl1528 Harleyrz by TRDLcomics
Harley and Ivy by gregbo
harely and ivy by clc1997
Harley Quinn vs. Harley Quinn by MattMerhoff
2013 14 Hit-Girl
0606 by nosoart
2013 13 Leader
Trdli1325 Leaderz by TRDLcomics
0597 by nosoart
2013 12 Electro
TRDL 2013 Electro by TRDLcomics
TRDL Weekly Jam Electro Re-Design by ConstantM0tion
Enter Electro by blacksmith7
E is for Electro by payno0
2013 11 Man-Thing
Trdli1330 Manthingz by TRDLcomics
0580 by nosoart
0559 by nosoart
2013 10 Storm Marvel Now
punk rock storm at venice beach ! :D by Selkirk
TRDL 2013 - Storm by TRDLcomics
Mutant Goddess by ConstantM0tion
R3 Storm by TULIO19mx
2013 08 CHIBI
Larfleeze Agent Orange Mini by TheRealJoshLyman
0525 by nosoart
TRDLWJ - Day Off by gabrielcrypto
Chibi - Style Wolverine by DeeplyDapper
2013 07 Colleen Wing
DSCCollenWing by TULIO19mx
Trdli1314 Colleenwingz by TRDLcomics
Coleen Wing by gabrielcrypto
Colleen Wing for TRDL's Weekly Jam by DeeplyDapper
2013 06 Marvel NOW
Psylocke - Telepathic Wonder by Forty-Fathoms
20110727  Psylocke by Ana-Archer
Storm Mini Marvel Now by TheRealJoshLyman
0488 by nosoart
2013 02 Poison Ivy

Mature Content

Poisonivywatering by C21
Ivy Bootie by bphudson
Poison Ivy by bphudson
A Bed Of Ivy by tonytorrid
2013 Bleach Anime
Bleach fanart by KingCorvid
Red Scarf of Fate by SuncatStudio
TRDL 2013 Series No.5- Rukia [Bleach] by TRDLcomics
Rukia -- quick sketch by SuncatStudio
2012 47 Holidays
2011-12-21: Happy ArboSecreHalloMas! by Gnabbist
Trdli1265 Argentholidayz by TRDLcomics
2012 46 Disabled
TRDL 2012 - Oracle by TRDLcomics
DSC Midnight Punch by TULIO19mx
2012 44 Vlad Fiks Memorial Jam
DSC Old Man Logan by TULIO19mx
Watcher in the Night by DarrenTaylor
T0L-U 333 by Gnabbist
Vlad 2012 by jasoncm
2012 43 Marvel Film Minor Characters
TonyNPepper by bphudson
TRDL- Pepper Potts by TRDLcomics
R3 Maria Hill by TULIO19mx
2012 42 Barbara Gordon
Batgirl (Commission) by C21
Batgirl Warmup by AviKishundat
TRDL- Batgirl Year One by TRDLcomics
The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl by mcguan
2012 41 Black Cat
Chase Me by DarrenTaylor
Black Cat 11-2012 by captainclark
Trdli1259 Blackcatz by TRDLcomics
Trdli1259 Blackcat87z by TRDLcomics
2012 40 Halloween 2012
Concept Art - Mavis (Hotel transylvania) by Nasirgan
WSC Bride of Frankestein by TULIO19mx
DSC Elvira by TULIO19mx
DSC Munster by TULIO19mx
2012 39 Sailor Moon
20130908  Princesses Venus n Mars by Ana-Archer
Trdli1255 Sailormarsz by TRDLcomics
Trdli1255 Sailormars85z by TRDLcomics
R3 Sailor Moon by TULIO19mx
2012 37 Gwen Stacy Film Version
Gwen Stacy Spidey ATTACK! Sketch by SDMcCarty
Trdli1254 Gwenstacy Wr7z by TRDLcomics
Trdli1254 Gwenstacy84z by TRDLcomics
Spidey vs Lizard by captainclark
2012 35 Amazing SPider-Man Film
PR: Spider-man Redesign by JohntheMurray
Hard day by Nasirgan
TRDL - Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy (Film Version) by TRDLcomics
DSC Spiderman by TULIO19mx
2012 34 Black Widow Film Version
Natasha Romanoff by daekazu
Black Widow by Aiko-Wolf
Avengers Movie Black Widow by sean-izaakse
Black Widow Redesign 2! by Comicbookguy54321
2012 33 Iron Man Avengers Film Version
Iron Man by PDJ004
Ironman by Precia-T
TRDL - Iron Man Avengers Film Redesign by TRDLcomics
R3 Iron Man by TULIO19mx
2012 26 Dark Knight Film Version
Toni Gutierrez Art Batman Christian Bale i+s by Lion542
Batman by minihumanoid
Double Flip Kings. by chairboygazza
batman and catwoman by chairboygazza
2012 20 Spider-Man Black Costume
R3 333 104 Spidey by TRDLcomics
Spider-Man by TBolt66
TRDL- Black Costume Spider-Man Redesign by TRDLcomics
black coustume spiderman by captainclark
2012 No 17 Kitty Pryde
Shadowcat and Lockheed (Collaboration) by EverydayBattman
Dollz 24 by TULIO19mx
TRDL- Kitty Pryde by TRDLcomics



This week's jam, after a brief hiatus, will be pretty topical if you follow the scuttlebutt on the Batman movie in development: Deathstroke the Terminator. This is one of Batman's more practical, physical, skilled rivals, and has, on occasion, bested him. Joe Manganiello has been recently cast as Deathstroke in the upcoming Batman solo film, so here's you chance to play around with his film look, or do any of his comic canon looks, or redesign at will!


The TRDL Jam runs weekly but remains open The TRDL Art Jam runs weekly but remains open indefinitely. It can be found on the Third Rail Design Lab R3 Forum here:…
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